The 10 Most Elegant Dog Breeds

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are considered by many to be one of the most elegant breeds. Having the tall, lengthy build of the sighthounds but the long, beautiful coat of the setters creates a dog that appears to float while walking. Afghan’s are aloof, graceful, devoted and loyal.


Doberman Pinscher

This dog breed is medium to large in size, muscular, powerful, graceful and elegant. The Doberman Pinscher is courageous, resourceful, bold and highly intelligent. They are one of the most revered and popular dog breeds.


Great Dane

Great Danes are one of the largest and most notable breeds. They are considered a Giant Breed of dog, and feature either cropped or naturally dropped ears, a long, skinny tail and a big body. For all of his size, a Great Dane is a sweet, affectionate pet. He loves to play and is gentle with children.

great danee


Greyhounds feature a sleek, lanky body with a narrow chest and long legs. They have short, close to the skin fur, and a narrow tail. They were built to be elegant. These sighthounds are some of the fastest dogs around, but they maintain their beauty even through the work.


Pharaoh Hound

The breed features a look similar to greyhounds, except for large, upright and angular ears. This ancient sighthound maintains the elegance that the rest of the breeds in the group do, standing tall with their large ears and red coat.

pharaoh hound

Irish Setter

The breed, like other Setters, is a great family dog, being loyal and affectionate. He is a high-energy dog, which may be interpreted as being high-strung or overly boisterous. The deep red of the Irish Setter with his long, flowing coat make him an absolutely stunning breed, and his graceful movement only amplifies his looks.

irish setter

Rhodesian Ridgeback

These gorgeous dogs are powerful while still maintaining a certain grace. The ridge on their backs adds to their unique beauty. The Ridgeback also features a powerful body that helps aid in hunting.

Rhodesian Ridgeback


Saluki breed features an appearance similar to that of the Greyhound, however with a more furred coat. Just like the other sighthounds, Salukis are fast but graceful.


Shih Tzu

These little dogs may not always look so elegant, but with their coats grown out and brushed they seem to float across the floor. Watching them makes it no surprise that this breed was the favorite of ancient Chinese royals.

shih tzu1


The Weimaraner is an elegant and popular breed, dating back to the time of royalty in Germany. This is a strong, sturdy breed with a steel blue coat that shines. His looks are emphasized by his graceful movement, making him one of the most wonderful breeds to watch.